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About Our Program

OneWonder is a motivational career program designed to give middle schoolers the chance to explore the breadth of career opportunities available to them in a modern and fast-paced society. 

At OneWonder we believe that when a child finds purpose they are happy, healthy and self-motivated, both in their academic and personal lives.

Mission & Vision

We mentor and provide a holistic curriculum for middle schoolers by creating a safe space for them to explore, grow and trust themselves.

A space where their dreams can be validated, heard, nourished and appreciated.

As a result, we believe in creating a

purposeful society- where people

contribute and influence positively.

What We Do


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At OneWonder, we believe that a student who feels empowered is more productive, satisfied and innovative. We create a safe environment and share inspirational stories to facilitate positivity and help students maximize their potentials.


What We Do

At OneWonder these four pillars guide our curriculum and students toward personal and academic motivation and success.



Through the use of deep breathing exercises and brief meditations  we support students well-being by introducing them to mindfulness.

At OneWonder, we take a holistic approach, focusing on mental health and emotional well-being as two of the fundamental pillars of a satisfying life.

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At OneWonder, we value creativity.

We help guide students interested in exploring alternative career paths by using robust lesson plans and leveraging our partnerships with experienced mentors.

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We acknowledge that life’s journey can be full of obstacles and tribulations. Through literature and extensive discourse, we teach perseverance and support students with methods to challenge life’s everyday issues.

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